Tapered / Metal Design

Roofers Supply of Greenville employs its own, in-house tapered estimating department. Located in Albemarle , NC , our estimators have a combined 35 years in tapered insulation and commercial roofing expertise. We pride ourselves in maintaining state of art equipment, technology, and software systems in order to remain efficient, effective, and accurate. Our goal is to provide simple and efficient tapered design to accommodate the roofing professionals. However, we can handle the most complicated of designs as well. We offer AUTOCAD submittal drawings that are professional and easy to follow. In addition, we provide a laminated copy of the tapered submittal drawing that your field personnel can keep on the roof for ease of use. Our software systems can handle a wide array of electronic drawing files including TIFF, PDF, AUTOCAD, DodgeView, djvu, among others. Please contact us today to get your tapered quote.

In addition to tapered estimation, we now have the capabilities of providing a lump sum material takeoff for your standing seam metal roofing needs. Powered by Top-View we can quickly and efficiently provide you a quote of all of the metal components involved in your standing seam metal job. You will receive a detailed and thorough analysis of the job including a clear description of the material components included in the quotation. In addition, we can provide AUTOCAD submittals, detailed shop drawings, panel layouts, and engineering calculations in a reduced timeframe from our competition. Just as our tapered department we can accept a wide array of electronic drawing formats including TIFF, PDF, AUTOCAD, DodgeView, djvu, among others. Please contact our estimating department for more information on this new service.

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